When you Want To Succeed
As Bad as You Want to Breathe………



It was August 2013, and the event that launched so many successful Real Estate careers to unheard of levels, changed the landscape of Real Estate forever.

Now, in 2014, when a few of my clients got a sneak preview of what we have prepared for you, many agreed that what we have planned for 2014 will do the unthinkable, and that’s be even MORE valuable for you than last year.

So strap in, because reading every word of this letter, could just be the most valuable investment of 9 minutes you spend this year.

If you’re offended by kicking butt in your market place… this message is NOT for you…

If the talk of doing well, and frankly, your competition not liking that you out list and outsell them and that kind of feels…ICKY ……I’ll be straight… You’re probably NOT ready to hear this.

I’m not going to let you miss this chance,

If you would like the combined experience, marketing examples, business acumen and success strategies of six of the top real estate minds in this country, all million dollar plus earners,
PLUS the two coaches responsible for more million dollar agents in the last year,
and on top of that the world’s number 1 speaker recently voted in the top 10 most impact making speeches of all time, Eric Thomas…. We’re on!

As you know, I’ve gone out of my way in recent times to deliver the “best of the best” when it comes to presenters who can help you build your listings and sales to new levels AND take your business to the next level, being so unique that you stand heads above your competition!

You don’t hear about warm fuzzy speak about aligning you inner energy to attract abundance nor will you hear the words “Karma, Visualisation or meditation”

Not at this event.


Not here either.

To be blunt, this message is unapologetically and UNASHAMEDLY about Being Phenomenal
Because the alternative is frankly,


But we aren’t JUST going to leave you with that advice, to simply be phenomenal. We are going to show you, from speaker to speaker, from your peers with ALL levels of experience EXACTLY what you have to DO, each and every day, in order to have handed to you, on a silver platter, a PHENOMENAL business.

To be frank with you, these agents’ professional AND personal lives have changed FOREVER and it was Be Phenomenal that took them there!

Just as the agents before you have, you will be hearing from no less than SIX MILLION DOLLAR Real Estate agents, and yes, they will each be given significant time to share with you EXACTLY what they do, step by step, move by move, to absolutely decimate their competition.

Once AGAIN you will be handed, on a silver platter, their strategies, their systems, their procedures, their marketing techniques, the keys to the VAULTS where all the secrets are held and all you need to do is simply remove their name from the strategy and insert yours.

I mean if you can spell, or say your name,
then you can model what they do.
(AND you have their total permission to do it!)


Be Phenomenal 2013 changed the lives of so many!
Click on the video below for a 4 minute highlight reel of what you missed!


These MILLION DOLLAR PERFORMERS are holding NOTHING back – and if you let it, this event will change your life forever.


Eric Thomas2014
Eric Thomas

Hear What Eric has in store for you at BP14… Click here

The HOTTEST speaker in the world right now !! With the #1 audio book on itunes in country after country including Australia. And 2 best selling books under his belt, and ET is just warming up.

He has the most youtube views of ALL professional speakers and trainers. Just one of his videos, ‘How Bad Do You Want It’ with over 20 million views making Eric the most viewed speaker in the world today. (In perspective, Anthony Robbins’ most viewed video has about 6 million views)
Recently speaking for the NFL Superbowl, Major League Baseball, UFC fighters, NBA teams, Michael Jordan…..the list of clients who engage Eric to take them to the highest level is the most celebrated list in professional speaking.
Once, a high school dropout and homeless, ET now is living the dream and a walking testimony that when you want it bad enough, anything is possible.

‘When You Want Success as Bad as You Wanna Breathe’ emblazoned boldly on his shirt, ET will electrify your career when you join us in Brisbane for ET’s return voyage to Australia.


John McGrath

Hear What John has in store for you at BP14… Click here

If anyone needs NO introduction, it’s this guy, but for the folks new to the industry, John McGrath is considered one of the most influential figures in the Australian property industry. As Chief Executive of McGrath Estate Agents, he took the company from a lounge room start-up in 1988 to one of Australia’s most successful residential real estate groups, selling $7 billion in residential property in Sydney in FY13.

A total solution company, McGrath Estate Agents currently has offices located throughout Sydney, North Coast, Central Coast, Southern Highlands, South Coast, South East Queensland and the ACT, as part of its growing franchise network.

In October 2008, he was honoured by the Real Estate Institute of NSW with the Woodrow Weight OBE Award, a lifetime achievement award for his outstanding contribution to the real estate industry.

John himself has become a spokesperson for the industry both in Australia and internationally. John has five books that have reached bestseller status including “You Don’t Have To Be Born Brilliant” and “You Inc.”. In “The Ultimate Guide to Real Estate”, John shares with the reader his invaluable knowledge on the Australian property market.

Note: John is doing his full presentation in Melbourne only.

Mat Steinwede2014
Mat Steinwede

Hear What Mat has in store for you at BP14… Click here

Mat Steinwede was recently described by John McGrath as ‘the best agent on the planet’ and by Glenn Twiddle as ‘the most skilled agent he has ever seen.’

A multi million dollar agent, who has managed to do the impossible. He has systemised his business, personal team and his marketing allowing him to surf nearly every day, roll into the office at a normal hour, work until normal hours, be home with his family most nights, and still earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions each month.
With a brand new talk outlining his latest and greatest techniques for doing what has never been done in Real Estate before, Mat will absolutely blow you away I promise.

Having never trained at a conference like this in Melbourne before, Mat’s journey is sure to electrify the Be Phenomenal audience.

Note: Mat is doing his full presentation in Melbourne only.

Glenn Twiddle

Hear What Glenn has in store for you at BP14… Click here

I teach Real Estate Agents a step by step, 1-2-3 system for becoming the Number 1 Real Estate Agent in your area in 3 years or less, no matter what your experience right now.

It’s worked for me and my salespeople in my business, for many of my coaching clients, and if you learn it and apply it in the manner it’s described, there’s a good chance it will work for you too.

Using a combination of ‘Guerrilla Marketing,’ ‘Outrageous Advertising’ and ‘Out of the Box’ marketing ideas, Glenn has helped some of the most influential and skilled agents in the country, and now Internationally including Canada, USA and NZ, take their career to a new level.

Recently said by Mat Steinwede…..
“Hey Twids it’s Mat, I just wanted to send you this to say thanks for that marketing idea that you gave to me. It was the best idea that I’ve been given in the past ten years, and is already generating heaps of enquiry”

Gotta love it !!

I will also be showcasing some fast start / implementation sessions showing some of my clients’ successes early in their career, so no matter what level of success you are currently enjoying, you will leave the event with the exact moves to emulate to take you to the next level.

chris gilmour 2014
Chris Gilmour

Hear What Chris has in store for you at BP14… Click here

Meet the guy who became a household name in real estate in his second year.

Chris will give you ALL the short cuts you need to take of your territory very FAST.

These are the ideas and concepts you will want to copy and install into your business to quickly get more listings and make more sales.

During this impressive presentation Chris shares everything from his pre listing strategy to how he conducts his open homes and these are the EXACT ideas you’ll want to ‘copy and paste’.

His unique system resulted in $880,000 in his second year, and a million dollars a year every year since, while every year working less hours and attaining a more balanced lifestyle, while maintaining the Million Dollar + level. And he will transfer to you everything he does to absolutely dominate his area with a 70%-95% market share in his area.

Tom Carlin
Tom Carlin

Hear What Tom has in store for you at BP14… Click here

The next generation of Million Dollar Agent (or 2 Million as it is in Tom’s case) Tom Carlin at just 24 years old, is seen as the upper echelon, real estate royalty, the young gun of Australian real estate, the one person that everyone is watching to see what his next move will be, the one man that demands perfection of his team and they enthusiastically deliver day in day out! This young man stands to be one of the most successful real estate agents ever produce in Australia!

Born and raised in the lower socio area of England, Tom describes his life as “growing up in poverty” his Dad worked 6 days a week from early in the morning to late at night, with Tom often staying up late just to see his Dad. The average income in Toms town was $6 per hour and crime was a facet of life, Tom explains “You would lock your doors at 6pm and not open them until sunrise no matter who knocked on your door, it was a just a way of life that we were raised in, there was nothing you could do about it other than to protect yourself as much as you could” As a young man Tom learned VERY quickly that the his only salvation was to work and work hard as soon as he could.

Tom will share with you the key elements that took him to being a 2 million dollar agent and what his team deliver to reach these levels of success.

Note: Tom is doing his full presentation in Brisbane only.

Michael Spillane 2014
Michael Spillane

Hear What Michael has in store for you at BP14… Click here

No cold calls – 5 years
No door knocks – 5 years
One Million Dollars audited by RE/MAX International head office – DONE
RE/MAX International top 10 – In and out of it depending on the timeframe.

He’s done it all in a very short amount of time, and Michael, Property Marketer of the Year 2011, 2012 & 2013, has achieved this feat that no other agent has EVER achieved.
Notorious for his ‘Outrageous’ videos, which have so far featured Richie Benaud, The Wiggles and other pop culture icons, Michael is adored by his clients, respected by his peers and despised by his competition. (That’s happens when you decimate their market share)

He has copped flack over his style saying ‘How can that crazy stuff work, his sellers must be embarrassed’ – Well I have personally interviewed Michael’s sellers, and when the fun and games of the marketing finishes, Michael is all business, a ruthless negotiator with a smiling assassin’s mindset, and frankly, to any of the, what Michael affectionately calls those who commentate from behind a facebook account, ‘Keyboard Warriors’ Michael has a Million reasons a year to prove that they’re wrong about him.

Note: Michael is doing his full presentation in Brisbane only.

Marcus Chiminello2014
Marcus Chiminello

Hear What Marcus has in store for you at BP14… Click here

From Rising Star in 2004 to Director in 2010, Marcus is recognised as one of the industry’s leading talents not only at Marshall White but Australia wide. A new breed of real estate agent, his intellect, market knowledge, passion and dedication impresses both new and existing clients who are rewarded with his uncanny ability to consistently negotiate multi-million dollar results whether at auction or off market with local and international clientele. Specialising in prestige property and luxury projects throughout Melbourne, each year he successfully sells in excess of $150 million worth of property. (do the numbers, that means $2 million a year to him !!)

A talented real estate mentor and speaker, Marcus has never yet spoken in Queensland, so his training session is going to electrify the Brisbane agents’ careers. Marcus will share with you how the Next Generation of Agents are approaching the real estate industry, and smashing it !!

Note: Marcus is doing his full presentation in Brisbane only.

phil harris2014
Phil Harris

Hear What Phil has in store for you at BP14… Click here

Phil Harris is one of the most well-known, awarded real estate professionals in Australia. As Managing Director of Harris Real Estate, Phil has been providing a seamless real estate experience to clients over a long period of time.

Phil lives and breathes real estate and his enthusiasm and attention to detail is unparalleled in the Adelaide and South Australian property market. Phil’s philosophy is simple, ‘We tell you what you need to know, even when it is not what you want to hear.’

Phil is the only real estate professional in Australia to have won both the REI South Australian Salesperson of the Year and the Golden Gavel Auctioneering Championships. He is continually striving for excellence and raising the bar on the South Australian real estate industry.

Note: Phil is doing his full presentation in Melbourne only.

Aaron Shiner2014
Aaron Shiner

Hear What Aaron has in store for you at BP14… Click here

In terms of productive real estate training Aaron Shiner is the mechanic.  Many trainers take a ‘birds eye view’ of real estate success but Aaron likes to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty on stage and share the good stuff you can start using today.

You will actually feel you’re looking over his shoulder as he talks about his much loved data base marketing.  You’ll feel like you’re sitting beside him at a listing presentation.  That’s just the way he presents.

A few years back, when Aaron took the stage at AREC he stunned the audience with his transparency as he shared the ACTUAL nuts and bolts of his success system.  You’re about to get all of that… and more.  As Aaron says, “Get ready to list and sell like never before”

Aaron Sansoni

Hear What Aaron has in store for you at BP14… Click here

Worlds #1 21st Century Sales Authority

Aaron is the highest paid trainer in Australian real estate. His unique and revolutionary 21st Century approach is highly sought after, often booked for up to $25,000 per day.

With countless success stories in real estate and 120 other industries, Aaron draws upon his 15+ years of experience, from starting with nothing to personally growing multi million dollar companies to speaking alongside the likes of Sir Richard Branson.

With qualifications in Business, Sales, Marketing and Management – Aaron has a robust, holistic approach to business solutions.

Aaron’s experience is as diverse as it is in-depth. From managing multimillion dollar companies, to working with sole traders, owning several companies, and educating audiences at small to large scale events, Aaron likes to keep busy!

The past decade or so has seen Aaron work successfully with real estate agents all over the globe. Aaron’s passion is sharing his knowledge with small and medium business owners and managers, helping them grow their businesses in ways they never thought possible.

Watch this video to hear exactly how you are going to get ALL these speakers,
no matter which city you attend.



Here’s a Sample of what you can expect to take away:
  • How to create a listings and sales funnel that will accelerate your business like it has taken a hit of STEROIDS!
  • How to become the LOCAL HERO in your area, where home owners come to you, where the local community know that you are the go to agent!
  • How to develop the an IMMEDIATE edge in your marketing that will produces bwtter results more often
  • How to impliemnt and DEPLOY state of the art advanced prospecting concepts to make sure you win more lsitings and keep your new business pipeline FULL.
  • You’ll discover the FAVOURITE marketing ideas of the top performers to get into more living rooms and transform your productivity.
  • You’ll feel an IMMEDIATE boost in confidence as you use the specific Listing skills scripts and dialogues shared throughout the 2 days.
  • PLUS The most powerful MINDSET inspiration to get you motivated and determind like never before!



Now if I haven’t offended you so far, then this ‘take no prisoners’ two day REAL ESTATE EXTRAVAGANZA , is exactly what you need to go to the next level.

I mean seriously, if hanging out with real estate heavy weights,
John McGrath, Mat Steinwede, Chris Gilmour, Tom Carlin, Michael Spillane,
Marcus Chiminello, Phil Harris, Aaron Shiner & the Sales King Aaron Sansoni

isn’t for you, then that’s cool, have a great life and remember
If hanging with these guys fills you with a level of excitement equal to a teenager’s first kiss, then SERIOUSLY…. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!

Need More Convincing that this is for YOU?


No More excuses!  No more rehearsals!  It’s game on and the man that the Superbowl, Major League Baseball, UFC, and Michael Jordan himself as well as many other elite athletes and leaders turn to for inspiration is in YOUR corner preparing you for the most important fight of your life.

You know what you need to do so what’s holding you back?

Get ready to punch through your biggest obstacles and win the mind game to make then next 12 months your best year in real estate.

Attendees at the live event said Eric’s sessions made their lights go on and the motivation has been lasting and powerful.

Here’s a taste of just some of the content you’ll experience in this inspiring address.

  • Exploring the ‘triggers’ to greatness
  • The power of getting to ‘Why’
  • The key to getting back on top after taking a knock
  • The real life stories that inspire and motivate
  • The actual formula to achieving MASSIVE goals
  • The secret to creating an intense focus
  • Using external forces to achieve your dreams
  • The difference between activity and productivity
  • Why most people struggle and the secret to change
  • Engineering reward for effort
  • How to think like an entrepreneur
  • The ground-breaking philosophy behind No Opportunities Wasted
  • Identifying the hidden dangers that cause self sabotage
  • The key to aligning your values with your dreams
  • The raw power of obsession and how to ‘install’ it into your life


At last year’s event we promised the attendees they would be saying “It all started at be Phenomenal 2013”
We now want to offer you exactly the same opportunity!

This event has been architectured….engineered…. sculpted…designed….to be the one you talk about three years from now and say to yourself, or you may even say it from a stage sharing your success with others, saying…..

“It ALL clicked at Be Phenomenal 2014”

This event is designed to get you doing the RIGHT things, in the RIGHT order and have you getting the listings, sales and ultimately the success that brought you to Real Estate in the first place.

Frankly, if I hear the words ‘BACK TO BASICS’ again I’m gonna throw up.

When I say that, I mean these basics

  • Endless cold calls prospecting for listings
  • Knocking on doors hoping people are home, meeting four people an hour, who frankly are NOT interested in anything you offer.
  • Sending out flyers that, frankly, you may as well design, print and put in your OWN wheely bin and save the delivery guy the time.

These ‘basics’ are what got you into this mess in the first place.

“You could be the best jockey in the world, but you’re never going to win the Melbourne Cup
if you’re riding a donkey.”

Mark my words, you will not hear ‘just make more calls and you’ll make more commissions. You do not need to come to a seminar to hear that!!!

So, who are we dedicating this event to?

We are dedicating this event to getting you OFF the ‘cold call prospecting pain train’ FOREVER. So you have 20-30 people, each and every month, emailing you, smashing you, Facebook messaging you, even stopping you in the street saying things like…..

‘We’re finally ready to sell (insert your name here….) when can you pop round?”

None of this: “YES I would like a free appraisal, and then when I’m finally ready to sell I’ll

  • Pit you against your biggest competition
  • Beat you both down on price,
  • Make you pay for the marketing and
  • Whoever is the least offensive and still breathing after our onslaught may be lucky enough to have the honour of selling our home overpriced and under marketed……”you know the drill…and it will NO LONGER BE YOUR WORLD.It all changes NOW……
This year we are limited with tickets that we can sell, we know that 2014 WILL BE BIG, because quite frankly our motto is GO BIG OR DON’T GO AT ALL!

So, secure your place today in Australia’s ONLY real estate event where the speakers have handed over the keys to their vault of success secrets…..Imagine modelling your business from the likes of people such as

  • Eric Thomas
  • John McGrath
  • Mat Steinwede
  • Glenn Twiddle
  • Chris Gilmour
  • Tom Carlin
  • Michael Spillane
  • Marcus Chiminello
  • Phil Harris
  • Aaron Shiner
  • Aaron Sansoni
I mean……. really…….you AIN’T dreaming…
Here’s my big, bold, AUDACIOUS GUARANTEE…..

If by the end of the real estate EXTRAVAGANZA you don’t feel like you have COMPLETELY RIPPED ME OFF by paying so little….
I DEMAND and INSIST that you ask for your refund, in fact I’ll double it.

I don’t want one, single, solitary person to ever whinge, whine or complain that Glenn Twiddle, or our guest trainers have taken a dollar from someone that wasn’t deserved.

Let me take the risk off your shoulders and firmly place them on mine.

Buy Tickets Now

Regular Seating
VIP Platinum Seating – Be Up Close to all the Action
Training materials from All our speakers (Valued at over $2500)
LIVE Pre Event Web Trainings with All our speakers
VIP After Party – An Invitation Only Closed door after party with Eric & his team
ET Session Only – 3.30pm Tues 5th Aug in Melbourne
ET Session Only – 3.30pm Friday 8th Aug in Brisbane
$399 $997 $1997 $119
For Corporate Rates please contact our Corporate Booking Email glenn@glenntwiddle.com.au
Early Bird Price. BUY NOW & get Over
$498.50 $650.50 $49.50

Mon Aug 4 & Tue Aug 5
Etihad Stadium
Start: 8am Registrations
Finish: 5.30pm

Thur Aug 7 & Fri Aug 8
Sleeman Centre,
Start: 8am Registrations
Finish: 5.30pm

P.S. I know it’s hard to believe but you really can attend this top level, best in the country training for a tiny investment!

That’s because a) my sponsors have agreed to help me out with some of the expenses and b) Profit isn’t my main motive. Sure I’ll get a few coaching clients from this event, but the ONLY person getting wealthy out of your investment to be here, is YOU, when you literally RIP OFF, with complete permission, the best Real Estate and Marketing minds in the country.

PLUS – let me say it simply,

The first 200 ticket buyers for each city will get a complimentary invitation to the


Melbourne Breakfast
See Australia’s leading mental skills and mindset coach for real estate agents and principals. Jet Xavier will show you how to build a champion agents mindset for success.
Join one of Australia’s leading principals Adam Flynn, Adam is bringing along his arsenal of how he is building a $10,000,000 agency and the tribulations around this MASSIVE goal!

Brisbane Breakfast
Join this event headed by Sold Magazines Million Dollar Agent Edgar Natolo and a panel of mystery experts. Edgar is also the creator of Australia’s largest Facebook group The Real Estate Community.
(There is nothing you need to do, just buy your ticket for as little as $199 and you get 2 FULL days of absolute career changing mentoring PLUS if you are one of the first 200 people to secure a ticket in each city, You automatically get an invite to the “Breakfast of Champions”)

Jet Xavier
Jet Xavier
Adam Flynn
Adam Flynn
Edgar Natolo
Edgar Natolo
Mystery Guests

(Eric Thomas fans will get this….)
Bring it from the bottom….

See you there

NOTE – Not all speakers are speaking at both events.
Mat Steinwede, John McGrath and Phil Harris are only speaking in Melbourne, and Brisbane attendees will be sent (FREE) a copy of their Melbourne presentation.
Marcus Chiminello, Tom Carlin and Michael Spillane are only speaking in Brisbane and Melbourne participants will be sent (FREE) a copy of their Brisbane presentation.

Join Us At the Industrie Media VIP After Party in both Melbourne & Brisbane, purchase your VIP tickets for instant access!

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